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Howard Hill

HOWARD HILL began his concert piano career at the tender age of six years, often as a prodigy representing the United States Council for the Arts. He has appeared on stage and radio throughout the world, as well as on over 3000 local, regional, national and international television broadcasts.

My Story

Impressed by the success of Howard’s recordings and concert appearances, the internationally acclaimed Bösendorfer Piano Company approached Howard with the opportunity to sign as a Bösendorfer artist. As representatives of the “Rolls-Royce” of pianos, these Bösendorfer artists are among the finest pianists worldwide, including in their ranks such renowned musicians as Anton Rubenstein, Leonard Bernstein, Johannes Brahms and Franz Listz.  Howard joined this elite group in 1984, becoming the youngest Bösendorfer artist to date. This was not only a thrill, but also a tremendous privilege. Despite the many honors bestowed upon him, including a Grammy Award nomination, and winning the Best Instrumental Performance award from the International Model and Talent Academy, his audiences are continually captivated by his genuine warmth and charm. Howard's latest recording, under the same name as his stage show, “Piano Mystique,” features a fully orchestrated tribute to classic television theme songs, Hollywood and Broadway hits, as well as many of Howard’s all-time favorites, such as Chariots of Fire.  Howard is accompanied on this recording by members of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.  As The New York Times declared, “If you're thinking 'typical concert pianist'... then think again!”

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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